Performance Management

Performance Management Software
Performance Management is a powerful tool to improve employee engagement through ongoing and open communication for unbiased evaluation with fully integrated employee and manager self-services to simplify processes.
Better and improved productivity & results
Improvement in performance & time management
Increased engagement and collaboration
Talentcloud's Performance Management Dashboard
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Feedback for Coaching & Development
Through real-time progress tracking and feedback request to easily and quickly address issues.
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Move Faster with Specific Goals in Mind
Company-wide collaboration & engagement with frequent check-ins and goal update for self, team and company.
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Customization with Correct Information
One-to-One Feedback Provision, Request & Monitoring with questionnaires & surveys.
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Smart and Real-time Goals Setting & Alignment
360-Degree Assessments and Feedback with accurate setting and alignment.
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Benefits of the Performance Management Software
What Improves Performance Management helps improve employee engagement through ongoing and open communication with fully integrated employee and manager self services, simplified processes and cool mobile applications.
Drive organisation performance and innovation to improve business result.
System saves more than 45% of the current performance management time.
Increase the engagement and collaboration between employees & managers.
Better and improved productivity & results
Improvement in performance & time management
Increased engagement and collaboration
Engineering at scale
We designed the Performance Management system to support unlimited number of employees across multiple departments throughout the organisation.
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Comparison Between Modern HR and the Past
What Reforms HCM is built from the ground up and delivered in the cloud. It is the only enterprise application that unifies human resources, benefits, talent management, payroll time and attendance as well as recruitment in the regional.
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Low Engagement
Goal Setting and Performance Reviews are usually only done once or twice a year and rarely being referred and updated on the progress.
Boosted Productivity & Engagement
Empowerment through continuous & real-time feedback, collaboration, personalised coaching and development for higher performance.
Time & Cost Consuming
Manual & scattered business and performance data requires a lot of times to collect, analyse with no real-time access to the data.
Saves Time & Effort
Effortless evaluations with up-to-date digital data and insight from ongoing coaching, feedback and update on goal progress.
Focus on "Achieved" and "Missed"
The conventional performance management are backward looking, and focus on compensation decisions based on rating & ranking.
Forward-Looking & Result-Focused
More real-time, frequent updates and collaboration enables forward-looking, and faster business innovation & performance.
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